Methods of removing tonsil stones

For a successful tonsil stone removal, you should first know the causes of the problem. Tonsilloliths is the medical term used for tonsil stones. It is caused due to the accumulation of calcium salts in the pockets and crevices of the tonsils. This calcium salt accumulation is termed as calcification.

Sometimes food debris, mucus, dead cells and other materials fill the pockets and crevices in your tonsils. These materials calcify as they build up. These calcified materials appear at the roof and back of your mouth and these are known as tonsil stones. They are usually small in size and of either white or yellow colour.


  • Brush your teeth properly to get rid of bacteria that develop at the back of your tongue. Use a tongue scraper every night before going to bed.
  • Trapped food debris in between your teeth can be removed by brushing regularly. Brush your teeth and clean your tongue at least twice daily.
  • Mix one tablespoon of salt into a cup of water and gargle properly. Your mouth will be disinfected and tonsil stones caused bacteria will be removed if you gargle with salt water. Gargling should be done a few times every day.
  • Drink adequate quantity of water in order to prevent problems. Your mouth will be moisturized with increasing intake of water. Do not drink sugared water like sodas as they develop tonsil stones.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Alcohol makes your mouth dry and contributes to the growth of tonsil stones.

Ways of curing tonsil stones

  • Antibiotics – Problem of tonsil stones can be cured with the help of certain antibiotics. Bacteria that cause this problem can be removed from the tonsils by antibiotics. Antibiotics work only if your tonsils are infected by bacteria.
  • Surgical procedures – Doctors use local numbing agents during the tonsil stones removal surgery. Doctors remove the tonsil stones with the help of a specially designed tool only after numbing the affected area. Surgery is only needed if the stones are painful and big.
  • Oxygenation tablets – Tonsil stones can also be removed by using oxygenation tablets. Combine oxygenation tablets and nasal sinus drop for experiencing the best result. Oxygenation spray can also be used for this problem.
  • Salt water gargle – Gargling warm salt water will help to decrease the discomfort and pain caused by tonsil stones. In order to keep the problem under control, gargle with salt water solution after every meal. You can also drink carbonated drinks like club soda, sparkling water and seltzer water along with the salt water. These carbonated drinks help to remove tonsil stones.
  • Oral irrigators – Gums and teeth are cleaned with the help of oral irrigators. In order to blast the tonsil stones out, use the power of water. Start on the lowest level and use pulsing streams for getting rid of the stones.
  • Cotton swab – You can also use cotton swab as a tonsil stones removal method. You need to exert some pressure on the lower portion of the tonsil with a cotton swab and maintain a good pressure while moving upwards. Cotton swab helps to remove small tonsil stones.


Thus, follow the above-mentioned methods to beat the problem of tonsil stones. Consulting a physician is always a better and safer way of curing any health-related issue.

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