Getting rid of haemorrhoids

Nowadays, people are suffering from many diseases by the time they turn 50. One of the most common diseases is hemorrhoids that affect almost half of all adults. Doctors fill millions of prescriptions in order to treat this ailment. Hemorrhoids are also referred to as piles. The inflammed and swollen veins that occur around anal area and in the lower rectum are hemorrhoids. Though haemorrhoids are generally prevalent in people of between 45 to 60 years old, but anybody can experience this condition regardless of their age.

You have to work on your regular diet if you want to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast. Consumption of fibre rich foods reduces straining and prevents constipation and thus, makes your stools softer in order to pass through your body easily. As straining is the most common reason of hemorrhoids, so avoiding constipation is very necessary.

Symptoms like burning, irritation, itching, etc. get worse due to straining and thus, constipation haemorrhoids grow larger in size. Physical exercise can also help preventing hemorrhoids. Keep your body fit and active and walk daily for about 20-30 minutes to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally.

Here is the list of some home remedies for hemorrhoids.


Garlic is one of the most helpful home remedies to get rid of hemorrhoids. Garlic contains a compound called allicin which provides garlic with antibacterial properties in order to fight against hemorrhoids. Garlic is a very powerful antioxidant and helps to decrease blood pressure. Eating raw clove of garlic is one of the few methods of using garlic naturally.


Sitz bath is a kind of warm and shallow bath that provides relief from itching and pain around the rectum and genital area. This home remedy not only heals hemorrhoids faster, but also reduces pressure because blood flow is increased to the anus due to the warm water. Get a sitz bath kit and fit it over your toilet seat to get rid of hemorrhoids


It is also known as ACV. It contains the astringent property that reduces swollen blood vessels caused by hemorrhoids. Use unfiltered ACV to get the best results. You can either apply it topically or take it internally by adding a teaspoon of vinegar to a glass of water.


It is a kind of big seed that is used along with the flowers to get health benefits. Horse chestnut decreases inflammation and swelling of blood vessels. Varicose veins form in the anal canal and are cured by horse chestnut. It contains aescin compound that prevents the symptoms of hemorrhoids.


Witch hazel is one of the popular natural treatments for haemorrhoids. It repairs damaged tissues, slows down bleeding and reduces inflammation. It heals hemorrhoids as it contains tannins and potent oils. It is a natural astringent because of its hamamelid tannin property.

Apply these above-listed home remedies in order to get rid of internal or external hemorrhoids. All these remedies can be used in the home very easily and are not very expensive to use as well.

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