Correcting knock knees

Knock knees, also known as genu valgum, is a serious problem for many people. Here, the knees touch inward while standing straight and that is a symptom of having knock knees. It is generally common among small children aged between 2 to 4 years. It can even continue upto the age of 8 years. If the knees of your child are touching but the ankles do not, then your child may have knock knees. It is very normal during the development and growth of children and improves by itself within 8 years. Pains in hip, ankles and knees are the symptoms of knock knees in adults.


Knock knees generally develop when a child reaches the age of 8. But if this knock knee enters the adulthood of your child then it becomes a problem to worry about. It is caused for some medical conditions that affect the formation of bones. Knock knees can lead to rickets. Rickets is caused due to Vitamin D deficiency that makes the bones weak and soft. Take adequate calcium, vitamin D and phosphate regularly to avoid knock knees. Doctors usually prescribe X-ray test to determine knock knees in children and adults.

How to correct knock knees?

There are many options of knock knee treatment which are widely available. Always remember that knock knees are very common in children and correct by itself, as they grow older. If the knock knee continues, then treatment is invariably needed, in order to avoid discomfort, pain and bad posture.

Knock knee braces

Knock knee braces are generally used to keep the legs straight. Braces pull the legs upward and help it to attain correct posture. These braces are instructed to be worn at night. The benefits of night braces can be obtained in details by an orthopaedic.

Medical heel wedge

A medical heel wedge can be fit inside the shoe to correct knock knees. It helps to raise the inner side of your heel without affecting the outer part. ¼” to 3/8” is the general range of a heel wedge. These heel wedges may not be helpful for the arthritis patients.

Bow legs no more

Bow legs no more is a great choice of curing knock knees without costing much. It gives full 60 days money back guarantee if the patients are not satisfied. It helps to straighten weak muscles of the lower body by involving certain techniques.


To straighten out genu valgum, exercise is one of the best ways. It is very necessary to make your lower body posture right. Exercises help to make hips stronger for correcting knock knees in adults. Exercises are generally helpful for those who are having mild knock knees.


Knock knee surgery is the last option of curing genu valgum. Doctors generally recommend surgery, only if the conditions become very severe. Osteotomy is the most common surgery for knock knees. It is mostly recommended for adults.

Thus, these are some of the ways to correct your knocked knees. Consult a doctor for proper guidance of the methods to get rid of knock knees forever.

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