Castor oil for faster hair growth

Many people use expensive treatments for their hair care. They even use different kinds of chemical treatments, in order to grow their hair longer. These treatments are not only very expensive, but they are very harmful too and have a lot of side effects. But, the point is that why use these expensive and harmful products while you can use simple and natural castor oil for hair growth?

Castor oil helps your hair grow thicker, longer and stronger. This is because there are many components in castor oil, like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and protein, which helps in the rapid growth and regeneration of hair naturally. For even better effect, you can mix the castor oil with coconut oil. This will not only promote the natural growth of hair, but will prevent hair fall too.

How can castor oil help?

Castor oil is perfect for anyone who would want to grow his or her hair in a natural way. It has many properties helps in hair growth.

It is both antibacterial and antifungal, so it protects the hair from growth and accumulation of funguses and bacteria, giving them a better chance to grow. Also, it helps in the prevention of the infection of the scalp by better blood flow to the scalp. This helps in the prevention of hair fall.

Along with this, the various types of nutrients and minerals in castor oil that makes the hair bouncy and thicker. However, the main reason that castor oil is perfect for hair growth and maintenance is the fact that they contain different types of fatty acids, which make them great for increasing the volume of your hair. Two such great fatty acids are oleic acid and linoleic acid.

What more can it do?

Castor oil is extremely beneficial for your hair. It can not only make your hair grow rapidly, it can also do other things. Some of these are listed below.

  • Less frizzing: The frizzing of hair can actually make anyone irritated. However, by using castor oil for your hair, you can prevent frizzing.
  • Natural shine: Castor oil nourishes the hair properly in order to give it a natural shine, making it beautiful and attractive.
  • Conditioner: Castor oil is an excellent natural conditioner. It moisturises the hair while conditioning it, making it smooth and silky.
  • Hair elasticity: Castor oil can make the hair stronger by increasing its elasticity drastically.
  • Prevent dandruff: If you apply castor oil on your scalp regularly, you can easily get rid of dandruff. This is because castor oil doesn’t let bacteria accumulate.

Things to check about before using castor oil

Not everything suits all. That is also the case with castor oil. So, you must first test if you are allergic to castor oil before using it.

You must test it by putting a small amount of castor oil on your skin. If you are irritated and allergic to it, then you must dilute it properly in enough quantities of water, before using it.

Natural items are the best. Similarly, castor oil is one of the best natural hair growth solutions. It is not only very cheap, but also does not have any serious side effects.

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